Mohammed Idris MALAGI Sparkle Across Niger State (Poem)


By Mahmud Zukogi

Across the length and breadth
Of Niger state
In the expanse of land
And green fields
On the cheerful faces of its people
Nupe, Gbagyi, Hausa, Kambari,
Kakanda, Dibo, Korea, Kamuku,
Gupa, Kadara, Fulani, etc

In the inner recess of their heart
Bestride a man
Whose face is a sparkle of light
A dove, peaceful and humble
Harbinger of glad tidings
Redeemer of lost hope and
Arrested growth and development.

Mohammed Idris MALAGI

There appears on the horizon
Of our dear state
A man whose radiating light
Warms up the heart of the people
Cheers them up to the fact
of tomorrow
They have waited for so long
Tomorrow of a new beginning
Tomorrow of secured future
For their children
Their children’s children.

Wherever he goes
Elders roll the drums
Youths jubilate and gyrate
And children dance in ecstasy
To welcome their own.
Doves too scramble and hover
And coo to celebrate him.

He is MIM
Mohammed Idris Malagi
The shining star
Niger state has been waiting for.


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