MOK Foundation Empowers Small-scale Business Owners in Omupo Constituency

The Foundation for Community Development (MOK Foundation) team visited the good people of Omupo District, which comprises 21 villages. This visitation was in response to the community’s call for self-sufficiency and social empowerment, a core principle on which the foundation’s legacy is built.

Led by Alhaji Moshood Tewogbola, the foundation team made a significant donation of ₦500,000 on behalf of the chairman, Alhaji Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode. This contribution aims to support the community’s development and address their immediate needs.

“Our mission is to serve God through humanity,” Alhaji Tewogbola remarked. “While we continue to invest in human capital development, we remain committed to fostering growth and creating opportunities for the people of Kwara South. It is our hope to see a thriving and self-reliant community in the near future.”

The Mok Foundation’s dedication to uplifting communities underscores its ongoing efforts to drive positive change and ensure brighter future for all residents of Kwara south.


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