My ordeal story with Nigeria Army: Adewale Omo Olubo Mohammed

It is a sadden story because I am always a law abiding citizen of this great country, and the law enforcement officials should distance themselves from treating a common man wrongly.

On the 6th June, 2024. I was driving on a free road around Oshodi under-bridge terminal one precisely when I noticed a tinted Car in front of me, but the person driving it did not want to move his Car aside from the road so I can go my way even though the road was free and he was driving slowly just because he was on a gist with his partner.

I had to use my horn louder to express my dissatisfaction because I had an appointment with my Doctor for medical checkup but instead the person brought out his hand to wave up that I should fly my Car over his Car.

Nigerian Army

I even tried to move to the other lane to leave the scene, but he did not allow it. I brought out my phone to call the doctor to stay a bit longer because of me, but as soon as he noticed this he quickly jumped out of his Car and ran towards me, it was then that I saw he is a military personnel.

Before a blink of an eye, I saw soldiers parking there after he told me I will regret my action.

One of them took my phone from me to see if I had recorded anything on it and after he saw nothing was recorded, I was still bundled into one of their Cars because my Car could not start and I was taken to their barrack at Cappa Nigeria Army Resettlement. I quickly ran out of the Car for my dear life because I do not know what will happen if I am taking into their barrack.

The following day which is on Friday June 8th 2024. I went to the Provost’s office to report the incident and I was told the officer in question already reported the case, and he was a senior officer.

According to the office of the Provost, I was told he alleged that I almost torture him in uniform and we are in democracy nothing will happened.

All his statements were total lies, and how can a civilian like me be fighting with security personnel, a Nigerian Army for that matter.

During the visit to the Provost office was when I got to know that my Car was tolled by Ilupeju Police Station, and the Car was later released after I identified myself.

When I start the Car on that night, the sound was very bad and the engine was shaking. I got to call a Mechanic Engineer to help check the condition of the Car, maybe it’s due to the heavy rain on that faithful day. It got to know that the brain box, including the coil are affected .

According to the Mechanical Engineer the Brain Box will cost me nothing less than Ninety Thousand Naira (#90,000) including the workmanship.

The brand new oil filter I bought to service my Car, and Two Thousand, Four Hundred Naira (#2400) that I kept inside the Car safe were missing.

Courtesy: Adewale Omo Olubo Mohammed ✍️

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