Niger Coup: Constituent Writes Senator Oyelola Ashiru Over Military Intervention


By Omuiyadun Hammed D. (MRM)

My Distinguished Senator,

There is no better way to pay my homage than saying As-Salaam Aleikum (May the peace of almighty ALLAH be upon you).

As far as I would like to be laconic with my letter, it will be highly undistinguished to write without congratulating you on your emergence as Deputy Chief Whip of the 10th National Assembly. I have no doubt in your unparalleled ingenuity to deliver on the mandate – even extra – expected of a principal officer of the Nigeria highest law-making chamber.

The military take-over in Niger Republic has compelled President Tinubu as the Chairman of the ECOWAS UNION to write the Senate for certain legislative approval of the resolution of ECOWAS which may include militarization effort to restore democracy in Niger Republic after the dethronement of President Mohamed Bazoum by military guards led by General Abdourahmane Tchiani. However, the resolution of the 10th Senate in the last plenary directing the leadership of the senate to interface with President Tinubu necessitated my open letter not just to a father like you but a prominent principal officer of the senate, whom the generality of Kwara South Senatorial District and the country by extension repose huge confidence in your ability to ideologically and diplomatically tell the truth to Mr. President on behalf of the masses.

Sir, Please tell President Tinubu during the meeting of the principal officers of the Senate with him that:

1. “Bi ina ba jo èni ti’ojo òmò èni ti ara èni ni’ankò gbò” (when you are engulfed in fire with your child, you must ensure your safety first).

The present economy hardship coupled with the state of insecurity from North-East to South-East, Banditry in North-West to ritualism in South-west deserve urgent and proactive measures than a brouhaha in a neighbouring country. In fact, some may opine that these are enough reasons to declare. We should not add another international imbroglio.

Sir, please tell President Tinubu that the present egregious state of the nation is worse compared to what is obtainable in Niger Republic that led to the military take-over. The good people of Nigeria can as well decide to tow the path of Niger Republic but the people’s confidence in the RENEWED HOPE and capabilities of President Tinubu are strongly believed in.

2. Secondly, an ancient axiom says “an army of sheep led by a lion will defeat an army of lions led by a sheep.” This is a popular phrase used to illustrate the importance of strong leadership. It suggests that even a large, strong group of people can be defeated by a smaller, weaker group with a strong leader. The phrase also highlights the importance of courage, intelligence, and strategy in battle.

From the available data and information, it is glaring that Nigerien soldiers are not only weak but feeble to confront ECOWAS without underlining support of Russia and China who are instigating war in a bid to market their sales of weapons and eventual taking over of natural resources in the continent. Yes, Nigerian soldiers are gallant and rugged as the giant of Africa but presently the troops are being confronted by a sheep of overwhelming domestic terroristw like Boko Haram, Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), herdsmen and unknown gunmen constituting banditry among other groups causing unrest. Above all sits the unimpressive wages and allowances for fighting soldiers in the battle field. News had it a few days ago that Nigerian soldiers allowances were “graciously” upgraded from #1,000 to #1,200. Are we expecting these soldiers to have high/enough morale to fight Niger Republic, even as it’s glaring the latter has lions of Russia and China as morale boosters?

Please note that despite the mighty status of Russia, the decision to invade Ukraine has dealt a huge socio-economic blow on Russia. This is a First World country, not Third World country like ours.

3. The Holy Scripture says: “love your neighbour as yourself”, not more than yourself. You are permitted to love and care about your neighbours, but not at the detriment of yourself.

Please my Distinguished Senator, I know you to be a man of few words but comprehensive messages hence, the need to tell President Tinubu that we are a country with the oath of office of the President to protect the unity, peace and development of Nigeria and Nigerians before a member-country of ECOWAS.

Mr. President should be more concerned about fighting corruption and poverty, improving the standard of living and stamping out of insecurity across the country before extending the unsolicited gesture of a good samaritan.

Nigeria is currently world capital of poverty (The international organisation projected the number of poor Nigerians to hit 95.1 million in 2022. In other reports, Nigeria has been classified as the poverty capital of the world)!

Distinguished Senator Sir, as our representative at the hallowed chamber, I hope this message will be delivered to Mr. President accordingly.

Thanks and God bless Nigeria 🇳🇬

Omuiyadun Hammed D. (MRM) writes from Offa Local Government of Kwara South Senatorial District.


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