Niger Coup: PeacePro Urges ECOWAS To Explore Diplomatic Solution

A peacebuilding think tank, Foundation for Peace Professionals also known as PeacePro has called on the leadership of African Union (AU) and ECOWAS to never contemplate military intervention in Niger Republic.

PeacePro also maintained that, no foreign nation or organization has authority to intervene militarily in any sovereign nation over internal issues.

In a statement by the Executive Director of PeacePro, Mr Abdulrazaq Hamzat over the weekend, the group said that it supports the strong position of African Union and ECOWAS on the restoration of democratic order in Niger Republic and all other proposed measures, except military intervention.

According to Hamzat, military option should not be contemplated, military intervention will turn West Africa into a battle zone between foreign powers and armed dealers and no matter the good intention behind it, the outcome will be catastrophic for the continent.

Hamzat also explained that, no international law permits military intervention in any country, except for peace keeping operations and should AU and ECOWAS contemplate such intervention, foreign powers may also justify their numerous illegal operations and other future interventions through the same process.

“Military intervention in Niger Republic amounts to digging Africa’s grave and nobody digs his or her own grave” Hamzat said.

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