Nigeria at 61: Let’s Address Our Economic Challenges – Hakeem Lawal

The Chairman of Awailya Foundation, Alhaji Hakeem Lawal  said Nigeria is  being faced with far-reaching challenges, prices of food and other essential commodities have gone past the reach of the average man, people are living in fear and mutual suspicion.

Hakeem Lawal stated this in a statement issued on occasion of Nigeria at 61 on Friday.

He obsserved that security challenges once restricted to a part of the country has spread to virtually all nook and cranny of the Nation. Kidnapping, cattle rusttling and banditry has thrived, with Nigerians having to cough millions to secure release of their loved ones.

The statement read in part

Terrorism in the country already witnessed a new twist with the introduction of ISWAP, these and other security challenges have stretched our security forces, it’s a relief that they’re now responding well, and are making reasonable gains.

”Whilst the government at all levels are collaborating to tackle the challenges bewildering us as a people, it is important that they understand the root cause of our numerous problems is “poverty”.

“I am of the believe that the greatest challenge of our country is economic in nature, it’s better left unimagined how poverty and unemployment has led more people to crime.

“The inability of the government to cut administrative costs and tackle corruption, has made youths loose hope in the system, the result is a massive brain drain. How then can a Nation survive and prosper without its best brains?”

The government should as a matter of urgency take proactive steps to lift as many people out of poverty, with over 40% of its citizens languishing in poverty, the scenario if it continues potends a worse situation than that which currently subsists. If we want the fabric of our Nation to remain strong, this trend must be reversed urgently. This requires genuine sacrifice from the political class.

There should be unrestricted access to basic amenities of life, such as clean water, free basic education in its true state, and good healthcare. Cost of servicing political office holders should be cut and minimum wage should be raised. The government should also be sincere in its policies, thereby increasing the trust and cooperation of citizens in its programs.

The cloud hovering around the future of the country may be blurry, but we should keep our hope strong and alive, in our diversity lies our strength, we should continue being patriotic citizens, even when it is unfashionable, with time, like an old wine, our situation will definitely get better.

Happy Independence Nigeria!


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