Nigerian Born Oncologist Discovers New Ways To End COVID-19 Pandemic


By Matthew Denis

A versatile Oncologist, Dr. Ademola Adeyeye has declared that the Coronavirus pandemic will end if 60 percent of the world population develops herd immunity and if there is effective vaccination to cover at least 70% of the population. Additional factors which will help in ending the pandemic include development of effective treatments, and Non virulent mutation of the virus.

Doctor Adeyeye who is the first black African to bagged European Board Certified Surgical Oncologist (Cancer Surgeon) in 2018 made the disclosure during his visual presentation on the topic ‘ Cancer Care One Year into the Covid 19 Pandemic, New Trends and the Way forward’ held recently to mark the World Cancer Day.

The first black African to bagged European Board Certified Surgical Oncologist (Cancer Surgeon), Dr Ademola Adeyeye

He said ” unfortunately we haven’t met these criteria to eliminate the virus. Very few countries in Europe, US, Israel are leading the way. They have been able to establish herd immunity and have started vaccinating their population.

“We in sub-saharan Africa have not started vaccinating our teeming populations, so we are not near herd immunity at all, we only have some vaccines coming out and we have to contend with the issue of acceptance. We don’t even have the magic bullet for treating Covid 19 patients. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), mass vaccination across sub-Saharan Africa is not expected to occur until 2023.

The Surgical Oncologist stressed that we have to contend with the challenges of fragile preexisting of health system, socioeconomic and psychological impact, new viral strains and mutation coupled with emerging virus.

He identified recent achievements in the fight against corona virus including vaccines,early identification of new mutations of the Covid 19 virus, new therapeutics for the virus and the changing guidelines in the management of such patients.

” Many people in the western world are of opinion that Cancer patients should get vaccinated against Covid 19 before engaging in treatment. Though, it will get to a stage where we will begin to conduct genetic tests and genotyping to determine the risk transmisibility and the impact on mortality of cancer patients.

According to him other factors to determine mortality and mobidity in cancer patients with Corona virus are under review. Issues of whether some therapies such as hydrocholroqine will be effective enough for patients with the virus have revealed that it’s not as useful as we thought in terms of Covid 19 treatment.

He emphasized that in Nigeria not all physicians are giving cancer patients chemotherapy with adjuncts that help boost the immune system against the infection. The most dangerous period for acquiring covid 19 infection during chemotherapy is the 1st 2weeks after getting the medication.

” What physicians need to contend in future is cancer and Covid 19 putting the patient in the middle, much like a double edged sword.

He noted that once a cancer patient has conona virus infection it becomes like a likely death sentence. Therefore preventive measures and the issue of shielding vulnerable patients(including cancer patients) from the virus cannot be overemphasized . They should observe all the Covid rules like limiting contacts, wearing nose mask and keeping social distance.

” In certain instances, it is better to avoid cytotoxic chemotherapy in patients who have cancer so as to reduce chances of contracting the Coronavirus.

Dr Adeyeye maintained that in the future there will be more reliance on telemedicine, patients centered Care, robotics, and mor information and scientific guidance for both cancer and Covid 19 patients.

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