Offa-Ojoku Collapsed Bridge: Commuters Appreciate Senator Ashiru’s Intervention

Residents, students, commuters, and commercial motorists plying the Gbomi Bridge along Ojoku road, Offa have applauded Senator Lola Ashiru for initiating repair work on the critical infrastructure.

The bridge, which connects Offa and Oyun local government areas, had been in a state of disrepair, raising significant safety concerns.

The intervention came barely 24 hours after Senator Ashiru directed his aides responsible for public facilities to urgently coordinate with local engineers from Offa to implement immediate measures to make the bridge passable.

This directive followed numerous complaints from the public about the deteriorating condition of the bridge.

The Gbomi Bridge, located just beyond the Kwara State College of Health Technology and on the route to the Federal Polytechnic Offa’s permanent site, serves as a vital artery for the region. It connects key institutions, including the Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara State College of Health, Mopol Barracks, Offa Divisional Police Station, NSCDC Area Command, One Innovation Hub, Offa, and the ONEIH-Kola Balogun Technology Center (O-KBTC).

In interviews with news reporters, local residents and commuters praised Senator Ashiru’s swift response.

A local trader commended the senator for his timely intervention, noting that the bridge had become a death trap, especially for those unfamiliar with the road.

“The bridge is a death trap for anyone who is not familiar with the road,” she said, urging the government to expedite the complete reconstruction of the bridge.

Ezekiel Omolanbe, another resident, emphasized the bridge’s importance to the community, highlighting the frequent accidents occurring due to its narrowness, which no longer allows two vehicles to pass side by side. He warned that a complete collapse would severely disrupt the lives of students and residents, leaving many stranded.

Sulaiman Adegbenro, a student at the Kwara State College of Health Technology, expressed the hope that the repair work would be completed swiftly. “The commuters will be very happy if the work on the bridge and road is finished on time as instructed by the Senator,” he said, citing the current risk of using the road.

He also took the opportunity to commend Senator Ashiru for his broader efforts in infrastructure development across Kwara South communities.

Engr. Bello Ismail, Director of Project Facilities, led the technical team working on the damaged portion of the bridge.

He explained that they were urgently summoned by Senator Ashiru to assess and implement temporary remedial measures to prevent any casualties.

“We were urgently called to this location by Senator Lola Ashiru. He summoned us, Offa Engineers, because of the severity of the situation. We are implementing temporary measures, such as backfilling and hard core with some materials, and conducting retaining works to direct water flow through the proper channels,” Engr. Ismail said. “This is just a temporary measure.”

The community’s collective hope is that these efforts will soon lead to a permanent and safer solution for the Gbomi Bridge, ensuring the safety and connectivity of the region.

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