Ojokoro Residents Blast Ikeja Electricity Over Poor Power Supply, Exploitation

Some residents of Ojokoro under Ifako-Ijaiye Local Government Area of Lagos State, have been exposed to further social and economic hardship, due to a challenging power supply, a horrible experience that has been blamed on the neglect, inefficiency, incompetence and frustration on the parts of Ikeja Electric and its staff.

The communities that have been hit by the ensuing horrible but avoidable experience are those connected to Agbe road and Beckley feeders, as indicated in the IE distribution map.

Following the unfolding challenges, residents connected to over 450 transformers with over 80,000 prepaid meters, have been subjected to load shedding, resulting in a very frustrating and archaic “one day on, and one day off” arrangements – for the affected IE customers.

Affected in this terrible and socially backward, as well as economic-unfriendly situation, which has started since January 2024 are customers on Aina 2 and Beckley substations.

The sub-stations are connected to Beckley Feeder – the genesis of the crisis.

Investigation carried out indicated that the crux of the matter is the damage of “GAS CHAMBER BREAKER ”, which is controlling the sub-stations to supply Beckley and Agbe road.

It was gathered that the damage occurred in December, 2023.Shockingly, the equipment in question has been confirmed to be old, weak, as well as outdated.

Informed the claims that the breaker is very expensive and has been estimated to be about N40 million per one. It is also said to be very scarce in the market.

Investigations showed that IE has allegedly made a move to procure the damaged equipment, but claimed that the obsolete brand and model is very expensive and not readily available.

When confronted with this challenge, which ordinarily, a focus and efficient business organisation would have taken a prompt and radical decision to address, no drastic step was taken, hence, resorted to barbaric Feeder load shedding – a day on and a day off.



Regarding inefficiency and incompetence, it was learnt that aside from the issue of Feeder load shedding, IE customers in Ojokoro enclave are also confronted with, other challenges, emanating from transformer load shedding.



To worsen the situation, the residents hardly use six hours power supply – on the day they are supposed to have supply. This is apart from the recent and persistent general system collapse in the country.

As at today, residents complained that they hardly have supply earlier than 4:00pm – the day they are supposed to be lit.

The experience has been bearish, hurtful and since impeded good social life and flourishing community economy.

Signed: CDA Chairman, Mr. Jacob Fadipe

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