CELF 3.0: Olohungbebe Commends Kwara Governor for Functional Education in Rural Areas

The Chief Volunteer of Countryside Emerging Leaders Fellowship (CELF), Mr. Lawal Olohungbebe on Wednesday commended Kwara State Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq and his cabinet for their commitment towards promoting functional education among Kwara youths, both in the rural and urban areas.

Mr. Lawal Olohungbebe gave this commendation during press camp briefing for CELF 3.0

He noted that the 2022 CELF starting on December 1 would be another impactful and far-reaching educational, mentoring and capacity development program.

CELF Chief Volunteer noted that a new feature of CELF 3.0 is the introduction of mentoring series, which is a life-changing interactive dialogue between an exemplary and high achieving individual who is a leader of thought and the CELF fellows.

He said the goal is to empower the youths with the right leadership skills and imbue them with the right kind of motivation to inspire and energize them towards greater accomplishments.

Olohungbebe also appreciated their donors and partners for making CELF 2.0 a huge success, as he disclosed that, 2022 CELF camp will open between December 1st and 14.

In addition to the three thematic areas of CELF, namely personal development, entrepreneurship and community development, a new theme-environmental sustainability has been added to this year’s edition. This becomes important as the world is now focused on climate change adaptation and mitigation. Therefore, there is a need to raise environmentally-conscious future leaders who will be advocates for safer and greener environment in their immediate communities, he added.

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