Open Letter to APC members in Ojuekun/Zarumi Ward, Ilorin West 

I, Basheer Luqman Olarewaju, am writing to address the recent misinformation and false allegations that have been circulating about the announcement of our Councilor candidate, Jimoh Kamaldeen Ayoola. I will not hide behind a pseudonym, for I am not afraid to stand behind the truth and defend what is right. Unlike some faceless human beings who cannot be bold enough to show their faces only for them to hide behind one unverified name — “Concerned Stakeholders/Group of Ojuekun -Zarumi”.

Politics is never a dirty game; it is the dirtiness in some people who are in politics that makes it stinks and uncherisable. Politics, in its validity, is a channel to fairness, integrity, just and greatness. Politics should not be a breeding ground for dishonesty and character assassination. It is essential that we maintain honesty, integrity, and respect in our interactions with one another.

Let me start by saying, “Moral authority comes from following universal and timeless principles like honesty, integrity, treating people with respect.” –Stephen Covey.

It is no doubt, any democratic society will be a place of dissent and consent. There will be reasons for some people to agree to certain course while some will disagree. But, losing character and integrity become a bad signal while disagreeing.

When my attention was called to few concocted rambling articles dubbed as disclaimer letters to raise alarm over the righteous emergence of Jimoh Kamaldeen Ayoola as the Flagbearer of APC Ojuekun/Zarumi Ward Councilorship seat, I decided not to give any importance to it at first until they kept writing different K-legged stories which made me realized that our silence has been tagged as though we are guilty and indirectly giving credence to their false alarm, misinformation and daylight distortion of facts and realities.

To the whole wide world reading this article, 4 years ago when they had a meeting to zone Councilor to Zarumi part of the ward, APC has no prior history of how the zoning arrangement use to be. The only evidence based zoning arrangement has been from the PDP for they have ruled for 16 years. Sadly, if the PDP established arrangement favours Oke Apomu zone, what was the rationale behind “O to Ge” which came with its own policy and practice?

It is disheartening that some unnamed errand boys disguising and parading themselves as concerned people of Ojuekun/Zarumi Ward are writing blasphemous articles shedding crocodile tears to seek unmerited sympathy from unsuspecting party members and voters against the elders like Baba Olosasa, Baba Adefalu and even Alhaji Muftau Akanbi Oke. They have chosen to spread false narratives and distortion of facts to further their own agendas. Remember, politics will go, human relations will remain. History will not be a bastard. And, because you are faceless, who should take you seriously? Our party does not need coward like you. These Elders should not be subject to defamation and slander.

I urge all members of the Ojuekun/Zarumi Ward APC to not be swayed by these false allegations, and to remember that the truth will always prevail.

Personally, I do know that, my BENEFACTOR who is Alhaji Abdulrazaq Gidado despite being from Oke Apomu zone believes in Steve Brunkhorst’s statement that: “Supporting the truth, even when it is unpopular, shows the capacity for honesty and integrity.” Alhaji Gidado is never a callous leader. He didn’t send anyone to distort facts and realities. No wonder, these articles are emanated from unknown, faceless human beings.

Basheer Luqman Olarewaju

Alas, why does Oke Apomu fail to understand that when the purported zoning arrangement was made, there was no individual with party leadership in their zone. Now, they have the ward Chairman, they have Local Government PRO and they are blessed with our leader who is NPC commissioner. They wanted to have Ward Chairman, Local Government PRO and at the same time, Councilor. Subhanallah!

Thus, the argument that Oke Apomu zone has historically been favoured in the allocation of political positions, while Adangba Zone has been neglected, is a valid one.

We must strive for fairness and equity within our party and our community, and ensure that all voices are heard. The Executive Governor Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq is a model for us to follow. Only the enemies of progress, peace and development will work against the dictate of the party.

I call on the Ojuekun/Zarumi Ward APC to remain united, and to not allow these faceless people to divide min with misinformation and political gamesmanship.

As party members, we must also keep in mind the principles of honesty and integrity that are at the heart of our party. The actions of those who seek to manipulate the truth for their own gain do a disservice to the values that we hold dear. Let us remember that our strength lies in our unity, and that the progress and development of our community should always be our top priority.

I stand with Jimoh Kamaldeen Ayoola, and with the elders who have endorsed him. Elders like Baba Asuru, Alhaji Oore Abayawo Alhaji Adu, Alhaji Logun, Honourable Olole, all Adangba Zone elders, amongst others have endorsed him. Together, we can continue to work towards a brighter future for our ward and our party.

Basheer writes from Adangba.

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