Oro Kingship Tussle: Ruling House Speaks on Oyatoye’s Status


…..Urge Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq to Intervene

Contrary to the claim of Joel Olaniyi Oyatoye, that he is a member of the Olufayo Afin Oro Ruling House has been debunked by Prince John Oyetunde Ogundokun, Chairman, Olufayo Afin Oro Ruling House Home and Abroad.

Prince John Oyetunde Ogundokun said he is perturbed by the claim of Joel Olaniyi Oyatoye, stressing that he has never seen him nor come in contact with him for over 24 Years he had been in the saddle as the Chairman of the Olufayo Afin Oro Ruling House.

He said that since he took over from his predecessor, Late Jacob Afolabi Ogundokun, nobody has ever showed up in person of Joel Olaniyi Oyatoye as member of the Ruling House.

Speaking further, he said on the 26th December of every year, all member of the Ruling House from Iludun Oro, Isanlu Isin and Afin Oro gather at the Olufayo Afin Oro Compound for the Annual Meeting, and at no time has the aforementioned person ever known to be a member of the family.

“It is surprising that the Kingmakers will just come up with a fictitious claim that there is another Olufayo Ruling House in Afin Oro and am not privy to have known that person, means this is a fallacy.

“The person in question is not known to me in anyway, and just sprung up from the blues. In the Olufayo Afin Oro Ruling House, we have the following families; Ogundokun, Oyeniyi, Ajiboye, Idowu, Ogunseye and Adekeye

“If he is a member of our family, let him come out and tell us who is Father His? His Family House In Oro?”, Prince Ogundokun stated.

In the same vein, the Eldest Man in Afin Oro, Prince Olaitan Adekeye, corroborated Prince John Oyetunde Ogundokun, saying that he has never had it in history nor hear the name Joel Olaniyi Oyatoye in his life to be part of the Olufayo Afin Oro Ruling House, stressing that in the history of Oro Kingdom, there is only one a Olufayo Family.

He alleged that the Kingmakers were only playing to the gallery and been economical with the truth by saying that there is another Olufayo.

He alleged that the Kingmakers are just distorting history and misleading people with their false narrative.

“This is conspiracy, Joel Olaniyi Oyatoye should tell us where his family House is located in Afin Oro, and tell us if he is from a Royal House”, Prince Adeoye queried.

Joel Olaniyi Oyatoye

Mr. Agboola Francis, Chairman, Afin Oro Home and Abroad stated that it is never in the history of ORO Kingdom that someone that comes from Iludun Oro becomes the Oloro of Oro Kingdom.

He said that in the history of Oro Kingdom, only Four Towns are entitled to be King and the Towns include; Afin Oro, Okerimi Oro, Oke Ola Oro and Agbeola Oro.

“This is disheartening the way some people just want to distort history due to selfish interest and Financial inducement. There is no place someone from Iludun Oro who has no Royal Blood will be chosen to become Oloro of Oro Kingdom.

“The Kingmakers are funny, and I query why the Ifa they alleged to have consulted at Ila Orangun would have picked someone that isn’t a Prince, or have Royal Blood flowing in his veins, ahead of Two Princes; this is unheard of.

“Joel Olaniyi Oyatoye should be ask to show us his Family House in Oro, Who are his family and Does he belong to any Royal House?

Following this development, the Olufayo Afin Oro Ruling House has called on Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq of Kwara State to Wade into the Kingship Tussle in Oro Kingdom, urging him to allow equity, Justice, fairness and the Will of the people to come to play.

They further demand that a thorough investigation should be done by the Executive Governor to correct the anomalies and alleged manipulation been orchestrated by the Kingmakers and their allies.

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