Osun Speakership: 7 Reasons To Support Hon Adewale Egbedun

By Oyewale Oyelola

The 25 Members-elect of Osun State House of Assembly will on Tuesday June 6, 2023 perform their first legislative activity by selecting the Speaker inline with provision of 1999 constitution as amended and House rules. The Assembly comprises 24 Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) members and one from the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Out of the 25 Members-elect, Hon Adewale Egbedun from Odo-Otin State Constituency has indicated interest to become Speaker. His aspiration is enjoying backing of Members-elect, Party stakeholders and others for following reasons;

1. Hon Adewale Egbedun has good academic credentials from reputable institutions in Nigeria and abroad.

2. He is a grassroots politician with native intelligence of managing different interests. The political sagacity of Hon Adewale Egbedun helped him secure PDP to contest for House of Assembly in 2019 and 2023.

3. He is young, vibrant, articulate, agile, useful and responsible. Prince Egbedun is under 40 and has the leadership charisma of adult. His emotional intelligence has endeared him to Party leaders including Governor Ademola Adeleke and other stakeholders beyond party lines. He is a dependable and reliable man with good character.

4. Hon Adewale Egbedun is a committed, dedicated and loyal party man. He contributed to PDP victory in local government area during 2018 and 2022 governorship elections. He remains committed to Osun PDP despite of setback experience in 2018. He worked assiduously to ensure victory of all PDP candidates during 2023 general elections.

5. Hon Adewale Egbedun is young but he has been adding value by managing company creating employment for many people. He is a key player in Agribusiness of the country.

6. Prince Egbedun also possesses skills to network and manage people to achieve common goal. This has positioned him as rallying point for other Members-elect because Egbedun’s speakership will mean a win-win deal for ALL. It will favor the current leadership in the state under Governor Adeleke, people, party, members and other stakeholders.

7. Hon Adewale Egbedun has robust legislative agenda which some of his supporters codified as SMOOTH Legislative Agenda.

S- Synergy for development and progress of Osun State
M – Members’ capacity building and welfarism
O – Open legislature with digitalization of the House and possibly transmission of plenary hearing
O – Open Osun for development through introduction of laws and reviewing existing laws to make the state business friendly
T – Thoroughness and meticulous in carrying out legislative activities
H- Harmonious – Working together with other arms of government to improve well being of the citizenry.

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