OYETOLA MEDICAL MISSION: A Pure Demonstration Of Hypocrisy, Wickedness

By Ismail Durojaye

The Medical Mission of APC/Oyetola began the distribution free drugs and free medical treatment to the people of Osun state last week.

To me, there is nothing wrong about this medical initiative because Osun people are desirous of healthy living. But what is wrong is the timing of the Mission. I know this is primed to sway people’s support.

I consider it an act of wickedness to render the public health facilities inactive for all most years only to come around now and be dolling out drugs and free medical treatment to the people who have once been denied access to the same health services.

If the Chief of Staff knew that he’d the capacity to undertake any medical mission in Osun, why didn’t he come to the rescue of the people he wants to govern now when they were dying like chickens bedeviled with flu? Why did he wait till now?

I am not oblivious of the fact that there are saboteurs in the public service, especially in the government health facilities, whose preoccupation is to steal medical supplies meant for the public. Nurses and Doctors at the State Hospital, Asubiaro are notorious for subjecting patients to horror. Patients go through hell in their hands.

However, this is not enough for a government voted in to protect the people, to now nominally shut the public hospitals because of some hyenas who scavenge on what belongs to the public .

The only thriving health institutions in the state are private hospitals that are springing up like inedible mushrooms. Even at that, how many people can afford the bills charged by these private hospitals? The highly impoverished people, who could not conveniently take their three square meals, cannot go to the private hospitals.

Then, why is Oyetola and the APC taking Osun people for a ride? Any strange mission cannot change the resolve of the Osun people. Let me be more explicit here. I am not saying Osun people will vote the APC if they are so convinced because I am not a mind or mood reader but the medical mission, at this period, is a pure demonstration of hypocrisy and wickedness

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