Paying Zakatul-Fitr with Grain-Food Stuffs is the Best – Imam  Aliagan

A Lagos-based Islamic Scholar and Chief Imam and missioner of Ikwatul-Islam Society of Nigeria, Alhaji Muhammad Yaqub Aliagan has encouraged the Muslim faithful to pay their Zakatul-Fitr with Grain-food stuffs as prescribed by the Holy Prophet Muhammad, saying that paying Zakatul – Fitr with food stuffs especially common grains is nothing but the best.

Imam Aliagan stated this on Monday during a Special Ramadan ( TAFSIR ) Lectture organised by the Society in Isolo, area of Lagos state.

He noted that Zakatul-Fitr is usually paid a day before or on Eidul day before the prayer.

He stated further that, the Zakatul-Fitr is paid purposely, to feed and make the poor Muslims happy during the festivity.

The Imam however welcomed the popular Fatwah that Zakatul-Fitr can be monetised but simply not the best option.

According to him, “After all, Monetary-Zakat is already an annual rite in Islamic system.

He added that “If Zakaul-Fitr is paid to any account of any Islamic organisations or bodies, the money must be used to buy food items, especially common grains and share to the poor Muslims before the Eid prayer especially in the cities or towns where the money was paid.

According to him, “This is the best way to keep the Sunnah of prophet Muhammad and make the famous Fatwah relevant and excellent.

Aliagan stressed that if Zakatul-Fitr is continuously monetised, it may lead to shortage in the production of food in the society.

“We must all know that agriculture or farming will at the end continue to suffer if Zakatul-Fitr is generally promoted to be paid in money. He warned.

He said, “Islam is a distinct religion and always has unique or natural reasons for its prescriptions all the time.”
He wishes Muslims and the public at large a happy EIDULl – FITR.

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