PristineSACC Organizes Training For Teachers on Digital Storytelling

The PristineSACC Education and Technology Initiative recently held a teacher training workshop on digital storytelling for teachers.

The training held at Dhub, ILORIN, aimed to equip teachers with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively use technological tools to engage students in the classroom and beyond.

In her opening remark, the Executive Director of PristineSACC Education and Technology Initiative, Aisha Umar said, “Teachers are very important in the lives of every student. If teachers don’t possess the necessary 21st century skills to teach and manage the classroom settings, we’d simply be creating students who would struggle to fit into the future of work.”

“Also, teachers who have the right skills and abilities will increase their negotiating powers and will be able to leverage their knowledge to better the society one classroom at a time.” she concluded.

During the training, participants learned about the power of storytelling as a teaching tool, as well as how to create and present digital stories using a variety of software and technologies. The instructor engaged the participants in a deeper dive into tools such as Canva, Google Suites and Anchor.

Participants also had the opportunity to practice and workshop their own digital storytelling projects, with guidance and support from the trainers. Individual groups presented story boards, wrote story scripts and recorded their ideas on Anchor.

The training was well-received by the participating teachers, who found the content engaging and relevant to their needs. Many of them praised the trainers for their expertise and the hands-on approach to learning.

One participant, Mrs. Zainab Oyeyemi – Zakariyya, shared her thoughts on the training: “This initiative is a very timely and timeless one, teachers in Kwara need this and more. We need the knowledge and exposure that will not only widen our scope but also boost our confidence thereby increasing our earning power and make us a force to reckon with wherever we go. Big thanks to the organizers, God bless you immensely.”

Another participant, Mrs Ahmed Sikirat Bukola “Kudos to the organizers of P-SACC teachers skill-up .We had a good time and have added to our knowledge on how to enhance our teaching skills as a teacher using different tools. May God reward you abundantly for these great initiatives.”

Overall, the PristineSACC Education and Technology Initiative’s teacher training on digital storytelling was a success, and the participating teachers left with new skills and knowledge that they can apply in their classrooms. It is hoped that this training will help teachers to engage and inspire their students through the use of digital storytelling.

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