Putin Hosts Chinese President In Moscow, Discuss Ukraine Peace Process

The Chinese Prime Minister, Xi Jinping and Russia President,  Vladimir Putin have met for a second set of talks at the Kremlin.

The Chinese and Russian leaders signed a series of documents on a “strategic cooperation” after what Putin described as “successful and constructive” talks which showed that China-Russian relations were at the “highest point” in “the whole history of our two countries”.

The Chinese president’s trip to Moscow has been viewed as a major boost for his strategic partner, Putin.

The Chinese Prime Minister, Xi Jinping and Russia President,  Vladimir Putin

Xi said China had an “impartial position” on the conflict in Ukraine and that it supported peace and dialogue, Russian state media reported. Xi said talks with his Russian counterpart had been “open and friendly”. Putin, speaking at the joint news conference, said Beijing’s proposal to end the Ukraine conflict could be the basis for a peaceful settlement – when the west is ready for it.

Xi has invited Putin to visit China this year in a symbolic show of support after the international criminal court issued an arrest warrant for Russia’s president over accusations of unlawfully deporting Ukrainian children.

The Chinese leader extended the invitation during a meeting on Tuesday morning with the Russian prime minister, Mikhail Mishustin, as part of his state visit to Moscow. Putin could visit China this year, according to Kremlin foreign policy adviser, Yury Ushakov.

Putin has condemned the United Kingdom for a plan to send ammunition that contains depleted uranium for use in Ukraine.

He said: “If the UK supplies ammunition with depleted uranium to Ukraine, Russia will be forced to react”.

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