Sa’adatu Modibbo Kawu: It’s Obvious, Kwara Will Be Great Again

*BYE AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL…Hajiya Sa’adatu Modibbo Kawu.

I woke up to hundreds of missed calls and messages this morning.

I would want to thank everyone for the kind words of encouragement.

If You and I are transient, then all positions are.

There’s no perfect ‘anyone’
But you can leave a mark; do your best and be outstanding in what you ever you do.
I have done exactly that, by being focused at all times even when some things could not be achieved as fast as I would have wanted.

I ran my office, with the zeal to put exactly the same or even more to public service, the way I have run my private businesses of decades.
Thanks to my previous experiences and trainings.

I remember how upset one of my cousins was, when I was announced as the commissioner for Tertiary Education, because according to him, I will not be able to award contracts, how bizzare?
I guess he was too young to know that the reward for service is not measured in monetary value, it’s food to the soul and conscience!

I have met incredibly wonderful people on this job; youths, and even much older people who have served meritoriously, and some that have excelled in their private companies or businesses, that I continue to learn from.

I am delighted to kick start the first Monday of my New Year, in continuation of what gives my life a lot of fulfillment, but of course as a private citizen now.

I thank the wonderful people of MOTEST for their support, from the former permanent secretary, to the new, and down to the dutiful lady that keeps our environment clean everyday.
Also to the heads of the various institutions, the staff and our great Nigeria Students, I thank you all.

My special gratitude to my media team, I can’t thank you guys enough.

I wish all my colleagues the best; and I thank His Excellency, Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq, for finding me worthy of the erstwhile position.
If working with children had previously taught me to be patient, working with the Governor who has to attend to tens of other MDAs, has taught me to be even more patient.

Kwara State is surely going to be great again, it’s obvious and we are beginning to feel that already.

Thank you to everyone

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