School Reopening: Group Asks Kwara Govt To Organise Post COVID-19 Training For Teachers

The People’s Advocacy Network, a civil society organisation established to promote good governance and social justice has cautioned Kwara State Government against reopening schools  without putting in place any Post COVID-19 precaution.

In a statement issued by the group Assistant Publicity Secretary, Comrade Olaitan Abdulraheem said it will be  irresponsible on the state government part to endanger the lives of Pupils, students and teachers by going ahead with her plan to reopen schools without Post COVID-19 training for school heads and teachers.

The statement read:

“The public are yet to be briefed why the KWSG under the leadership of Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq is yet to give a matching implementation order after receiving ₦60million funds as Kwara State share for the Post COVID-19 Training for School Head Teachers/principals and teachers in preparation for schools re-opening.

“We are very much aware that some states in the federation like Lagos, Osun have long commenced the training programme without delay. We do hope that the KWSG will follow suit as such a training programme will ensure that teachers in the state are well abreast of global transformational teaching techniques in the post COVID-19 era.

“Despite the proactive move made by Federal Government, through UBEC, to make available a special funds with the intention to secure the safety of students and staff ahead of school resumption, the KWSG still deem it right to stay mute and act dumb in this regard. A single reason has not been given for not disclosing the receipt of ₦60million given by UBEC for training Head Teachers and some selected teachers in Kwara State on safety precautions that will guaranty a conducive learning environment for students/pupils. That is recklessness laced wickedness, to say the least.

“We hope the KWSG will take full responsibility if the pandemic should grow wings and destroy the lives of students and staff after school resumption as any further delay could be deadly.


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