SDP is Older Than Trouble Making Political Parties, Adebayo Hits APC, PDP

Prince Adewole Adebayo has stated that the Social Democratic Party (SDP) is most consistent and older than troubling making political parties like PDP and APC.

The SDP was the political platform on which business mogul, Chief MKO Abiola won the annulled June 12, 1993 presidential election.

Prince Adebayo disclosed this while featuring on TVC Interview on Monday.

He noted that the history of the party does not hurt his presidential bit saying that it rather the party that has “been consistent in the last 30 years; older than the trouble making political parties we have these days.

His words: “We started by saying farewell to poverty and we won the election (in the June 12, 1993 presidential election) on that basis. At that time, we brought someone, MKO Abiola, who has never been a Councillor before, or Commissioner, or Minister or Governor; he never served in any government capacity before.

“He was a well renowned accountant, philanthropist and business man. The only difference between him and me is the time and instead of becoming an accountant, I’m a lawyer. Our party has been consistent.

“Secondly, our manifesto at that time is still valid right now, people still remember them, that we were the people who tried to fight poverty and poverty now has a grandchild called insecurity. And we’re now saying farewell to poverty and insecurity.

Prince Adewole Adebayo said alot of Nigerians are willing to support SDP in forthcoming general elections.

While narrating experience of an old farmer in Jigawa, He said:

“I went to Jigawa State, I met an old man who was struggling to see me, despite how the security (agents) were making it difficult for him.

“He told me that he was a polling agent under Abiola and while you are running for office now, I have gone round Jigawa and I have been able to raise enough money, I was told that he was able to raise N8 million even though he was a farmer.

“He just had to go to people who used to be in SDP, “SDP is back, let us do what we did last time”. So, it’s been helpful.

“But we’re also aware that there are a lot of people in this generation who never know what happened 30 years ago; people who are 25 or even 30 years old.

“So, the land was able to support us but the government came and occupied the whole land through the land use act, so government control land all over the country. Government control everything under the land and the allocative efficiency is not there.

“What government is doing now is (to) confiscate all our properties, all our natural endowments, (is) misapplying them to the priority of a few people who less than one percent of our population.

So, they rendered people to go to school, the education is not sound enough and when they come out of school they are not giving them jobs. So, people are kind of lost.

“A community that are trying to take care of their affairs, there are issues regarding licencing, the rights to control this and that.

“So, even simple public safety and all of that, the initiative has been taken away from the people because the government has a police that doesn’t work for the people also.

“When you put all of these together you will discover that it is the government that is responsible for abject poverty in the country”.

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