South Africa Election: President Ramaphosa Reacts As ANC Loses Majority

The African National Congress (ANC)  had lost its majority for the first time as Electoral Commission announced result of 2024 South Africa election.

Official South  Africa Election results showed the ANC winning 159 seats in the 400-seat National Assembly, down from 230 previously.

President Cyril Ramaphosa  of ANC called political parties to work together for the good of the country.

The result, announced on Sunday, is the worst election showing for the ANC – Africa’s oldest liberation movement, once led by Nelson Mandela – since it came to power 30 years ago, ending white minority rule.

Voters, angry at joblessness, inequality and rolling blackouts, slashed support for the ANC to 40.2%, down from 57.5% in the previous 2019 parliamentary votes.

The result means that the ANC must now share power, likely with a major political rival, in order to keep it – an unprecedented prospect in South Africa’s post-apartheid history.

“South Africans expect the parties for which they have voted to find common ground, overcome their differences and act together for the good of everyone. That’s what South Africans have said,” Ramaphosa said after the electoral commission announced the final results.

He called the election a “victory for our democracy.”

Political parties now have two weeks to work out a deal before the new parliament sits to choose a president, who would likely still hail from the ANC, since it remains the biggest force.


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