Tanke Bridge: The Deceived and The Deceivers

Abdulkareem Olatunji Yusuf

Dear Kwara PDP,

This lovely piece is just to shape you and remind you to stay in your opposition space, also to wake and chase you away from your forte, fake news peddling, that which I believe is difficult but not impossible.

In all honesty, your soldiers on various social media outlets need to have outgrown bringing cooked up stories and propaganda, which in the end they won’t be able to substantiate, at best: ‘details later’, and nothing would ever come out of it.

Jesse Garba Abaga, popularly known as Jesse Jagz, Veteran Nigerian rapper, once said ‘If mankind do not put an end to warfare, warfare will put an end to mankind’: permit to rephrase the words of Jesse Jagz;
If we do not put an end to fake news, fake news will put an end to us.

Just yesterday, PDP through their foot soldiers who are synonymous to fake news by the names Bashir Ashura, Musbau Dare and Eleran Abdullateef shared a news of anomy, basically cooked up in their strategic room, and mischievously brought in ‘a Chinese Engineer’ who allegedly wrote a memo to Kwara State Government and Ministry of Works urging them to demolish the Tanke Flyover and start reconstruction. It caused a lot of rancour to many kwarans at home, diasporas and outside the shores of the country. The shameless news has garnered a lot of reactions and caused panic amongst unsuspecting Kwarans — something the renowned fake news purveyors had hoped to achieve. If propagandas failed you during the polls in the last election, I don’t see it helping you and your party, PDP after elections.

I may not get paid for these tips but they are our brothers and they should be helped. PDP should be strategic, and maybe get some tutorials from former minister of information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed on how to be responsible, and in the process be a worthy publicist as opposition.

Before 2019 Otoge Tsunami, we always hit the nails on the head perfectly on radio programmes and social media, not ever ditching moral in the name of opposition. There was never a time we wished infrastructures that were erected with tax payers money be damaged, or pray such causes harm and death to kwarans.

Opposition and defeats promptly shouldn’t make anyone lose our sanity and thinking faculty. We should be responsible and put the love of our darling Kwara State before any Political Nucleus. Shalom!!!

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