Tanker is no longer the source of water supply under AbdulRazaq-Hon. Mopelola


_Says water management is taking better shape_

The Kwara State Commissioner for Water Resources Hon Mopelola Abdulmaliq-Bashir has described the new model of managing water resources in the state as the best in the anal of the state’s history in water resources management.

Hon. Mopelola made the clarification while featuring on Sobi F.M Programme “Oro Ilu”. The commissioner stated that the clarification became necessary when one takes a critical look at what the people of the state had passed through in the past.

She said Kwara State now enjoyed a paradigm shift from the practise of the past in which tankers were used to distribute water across the nooks and cranny of the state. Thus, subjecting the people of the state to servitude and uncultured arrangement.

For this feat to be achieved, the Hon. Commissioner singled out the efforts of His Excellency, the Governor of Kwara State, Mallam Abdulrahman AbdulRazaq, and the Ministry team that has shown utmost faith in the Kwara State Water Investment Programme of the present administration.

The hon. Commissioner also urged the people of the state to remain committed to a new path of development been entrenched by the present administration in the state.

*Commissioner’s Media Team*

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