TEAMNIGERIA4CHANGE: Exploring The World of PAN Nigeria Group

By Oyewale Oyelola

The TeamNigeria4Change is a pan Nigeria group preaching unity, progress, peace and development of the the group.

The group in the last seven years has being in the limelight mobilizing Nigerians towards contributing to nation building through political participation, community development, volunteering for social advocacy and building youth capacity in order make them valuable and useful members of the society as well as reduce crime and social vices.

TeamNigeria4Change which is brainchild of its National President, Otunba Bestman Nze-Jumbo, has established solid structure for the group in 12 states while efforts are ongoing to establish their presence across 36 states of the country.

TeamNigeria4Change President, Otunba Bestman Nze-Jumbo

TeamNigeria4Change is a unique group with technocrats, artisans, civil servants, students and youth that have passion for development of Nigeria. They are working assiduously to promote peace and tranquility in this great nation. The PAN Nigeria Group is tick because they don’t belong to class of illogical hailers and wailers. They praise government with evidence-based facts when necessary and identity areas of improvement without resulting to name-calling, blackmailing and propaganda.

The substance and depth of the group leadership has endeared them to progressive-minded governors who trust and respect their judgement and position on some policies and developmental issues.

Citizen participation in the democratic process is also one area that TeamNigeria4Change has done extremely well by organizing political and democratic seminars and trainings across the country. The Team identified credible Nigerians and support them during elections all in a bid to ensure the right people get into the right positions

TeamNigeria4Change is indeed working to bring desired change to the country. Yes, we need to improve in different areas as a nation but citizens and governments need to embrace noble initiative of the PAN Nigeria Group to mobilize for national development. Together We can make Nigeria great and prosperous!

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