TIC: Adhere To Governor Abdulrazaq’s Directive, Group Cautions APC Leaders


A group under the aegis of Concern APC youths has asked party leaders at various level to work with the Governor directive on the selection process of the incoming Transition In term Committee (TIC) members.

The group said the Governor is the leader of the party in the state and no one should create problem for him.

In a statement issued on Wednesday on behalf of the group by Usman Abdulrahaman, they alleged some party leaders are trying to sabotage the effort of the Governor in ensuring that the state work for all irrespective of their differences.

The statement read: “Governor ask them to pick from where the suspended chairman are from in other to complete their tenure but the elders did not follow his instructions and they did what they like. He ask them to appoint from where they have not gotten any appointments to enable the ward also to have chance.

“The issue is that the elders want more problem for the governor, because they know that if they follow what the governor said the youth will not be aggrieved, All they want is trouble to happen because how could the elders be the one determining the future by now”.

They however called on the Governor to caution party leaders and membersĀ  who are working towards sabotaging ongoing peace building process in Kwara APC.

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