Water for All: Hon. Arinola Lawal Commences Drilling of 6  Motorized Boreholes 

In a significant move towards addressing water scarcity issues in Ilorin East Local Government Area, Hon. Arinola Fatimoh Lawal has commenced the construction of motorized boreholes in six strategic wards.

This initiative aims to provide residents with access to a sustainable and portable water supply, particularly during the challenging dry season.

The six wards selected for this project are further categorized into rural and urban areas, with three wards falling under each classification.

The rural communities set to benefit from the motorized boreholes include Moya community in Maya/Ile-Apa ward, Kure/Jabi community in Marafa/Pepele ward, and Zango community in Oke-Oyi ward.

In the urban zones, the selected areas are Ajia Ode Mosque Okelele in Ibagun Ward, Zango Gurumoh area in Zango ward, and Karumo in Gambari Ward 2. Construction work on the boreholes has already commenced in these communities.

Hon. Arinola Fatimoh Lawal highlighted the primary motive behind this initiative, stating, “The boreholes are to address the challenge of water scarcity, especially during the dry season when accessing water becomes a significant issue.”

Expressing the need for community involvement, the lawmaker urged residents to take ownership of the project. “I urge the leaders and residents of these communities to take ownership of these boreholes, ensuring their protection against vandalism and theft,” she emphasized.

Emphasizing the long-term benefits of community collaboration, Hon. Arinola added, “This collaborative effort will contribute to the long-term success of providing consistent and reliable water access to the communities.”

Local residents have welcomed the initiative with enthusiasm, recognizing its potential to alleviate their water-related struggles.

Alhaja Aminat, a resident in Oke-Oyi, highlighted the impact of the dry season on their water sources, mentioning that they previously had to travel long distances to access water.

Mrs. Fatimoh Ibrahim echoed the sentiment, expressing optimism about the positive changes the motorized borehole project would bring to their lives.

“This motorized borehole will ease the stress of obtaining potable water and make life more comfortable for us and our family members,” she remarked.

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