We’ll Be More Decisive In Tackling Banditry – Zamfara Gov

Zamfara State Governor, Bello Mohammed (Matawallen Maradun) has said that his administration will be more decisive in tackling the issue of banditry in the state.

Governor Bello Mohammed in a state broadcast on Saturday to respond to the recent rise in killings by bandits especially the last one which claimed 45 innocent lives in Zurmi Local Government Area, said the bandits and their collaborators will receive the wrath of his administration in their own coin.

According to him, the unfortunate incident he said, was dirtily done and a cowardly act by the bandits who attacked innocent and defenseless victims.

Matawalle said he has given the go ahead to all communities in the state to defend themselves from any attack in any way they can as the Government will not hold anyone responsible for killing anyone who attacks to kill him. But this does not allow anyone to carry around prohibited weapons or look for trouble anywhere else. He reiterated the existing law of shoot at sight on anyone seen with prohibited weapons.

The governor said his administration will continue to implement the Rtd IG MD Abubakar report until sanity is brought to the state. He mentioned the decisive removal of the Emir of Maru, the suspension of the Emir of Dan Sadau and now that of Zurmi over alleged security compromise on the part of the last two and the institution of committees to investigate them while the removed Emir of Maru was confirmed implicit.

He assured all citizens in the state that his administration will continue to do the right thing until all is well in terms of sanity, peace and tranquility. Governor Matawalle condoled the families of those who lost their lives and assured that his administration will not fold its arms and allow the wanton killing of innocent citizens to continue unabated.

“As I express my condolences to every one of you individually and collectively, I want to tell you that we will stay doubly proactive in confronting these men of the underworld. These hard hearted gang of criminals have made us to believe that violence is the only language they understand. More than ever before we are determined to pay them in the same coins.”


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