How can I explain my present situation? what can I say are the reason for my pitiable state? How and where did I miss it? How did my engine developed serious over heat? Why cant I stop this tragedy from happening? All my energies and resources has been drained, I have been rendered comatose without a future, a future that was once very bright, full of hope and promise.

A towering figure among my colleagues during my early creation, A true giant that nobody could toy with, a play maker and a king maker, a critical factor when decisions that affect the global community were to be taken. Then when I sneezed, others catch cold. When I frowned, my colleagues would go begging asking for my forgiveness and understanding. When I roared, they shivered and it was only when I smiled that they were at peace

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Then I was truly the leader and the giant of the black race. That was the period my colleagues in the continent would ran to me for cover. I was their benefactor and a dependable ally usually protects their interest and stand by them.

I was not only a remarkable figure in the comity of nations; I had stamina, strength and wealth. These potentials for me serve as path ways to great future, a future full of posterity and life in abundance.

Before the discovery of black gold, my three main regions were doing well with agricultural products, my economy was stable and my citizen were doing well, my currency, naira has same value with the foreign currency in the stock exchange market. The emergence of the black gold was supposed to be a favourable addition to my wealth, it was expected that my fortune would improve and my future brighter. The crude oil and agricultural products provided dazzling credentials for my greatness. My economy became healthier and buoyant to the extent that I was rated wealthier than my previous masters.

But all of a sudden, something went wrong; the black gold that supposed to be a blessing to my economy became a curse and turned out to be my waterloo that made me fell from the topmost floor of my glory to the bottomless pit of infamy. It was a transition from light to darkness, a retrogressive transformation from a giant becoming a coward.

My citizen was fighting and fighting unleashing terror on one another through a coup and counter coup,

My economic environment becomes dominated with corruption, tribalism, religious bigotry, hunger, diseases and epidemics, failed infrastructures, insecurity, kidnapping, terrorism, unemployment, non payment of salary and so on.

My political environment is dominated by ballot box snatching, thuggery, multiple tumb printing, bribery and corruption, manipulation of figures and other forms of electoral misdeed.

It is with heavy and tears filled my eyes that I watched my life transgressing from one calamity to another. How can I explain the majority of my citizen suffering in the midst of plenty as in a case of the son of a great and wealthy meat seller that eats bone.

What justification do I have for importation of refined petroleum products despite abundance of crude oil at my disposal? The situation persists because few of my citizens benefit from the confusion situation I found myself.

Out of cheer selfish interests and deceit among my citizen, a lot of strange vocabularies are now found in my dictionary system of government to mention little out of many are: PADDING, INCONCLUSIVE ELECTIONS, STOMACH INFRASTRUCTURE, GHOST WORKERS, TECHNICAL RECESSION, CHANGE, TECHNICAL DEFEAT OF TERRORISM e.t.c

Behold the lamentation of Nigeria, a country begging for help, saying I can not continue like this, my law abiding citizen can not just continue with this kind of suffering, the rich among my citizen can not continue getting richer at the detriment of the poor that is getting poorer. NO, NO, NO something must be done to rescue the situation and let equality, democracy, love and peace reign again among my citizen.

                                                                                                            God Bless Nigeria

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