Youth Constitute 80 percent of Inmates at Correctional Centers -Musa Aliyu

The Controller of Corrections, Kwara State command, Controller Aliyu Baba Usman, has said about 80 percent of inmates in the correctional center in Kwara State are youths who were convicted of different crimes.

Speaking on a RoyalFM live programme, ‘Youth Parliament’, Baba Usman said the correctional center plays a key role in helping to amend some of the societal issues in a bid to reform the youths.

According to Aliyu, some of the common crimes that led most of the youths to the correctional centers are drug dealings and cybercrime. He highlighted poor parental control, broken homes, and societal attitude as some of the factors responsible for the youth involvement in criminal acts.

Aliyu expressed worry that the society does not question the source of income of wealthy citizens, which makes many youths live above their worth and also tempt many others to indulge in untoward acts.

While noting that a lot is being done to rehabilitate convicts and re-integrate them back to the society, the controller stated that the facilities at the correctional centers are overstressed because the number of inmates there are above the allocated spot. The Youth Parliament is sponsored by Conscientious Youth, CYEF, convened by Comrade George Oyeyiola.

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