Advisory Role of Traditional Rulers Only Exist On Paper-Oluwo

The first class natural paramount ruler of Iwo, Oluwo of Iwoland, His Imperial Majesty, Oba (Dr.) Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, has appealed to government at all levels to consent a constitutional duty for kings across the nation.

Oba Akanbi stated the constitution of Nigeria recognized all monarchs as chiefs and not kings. He called on the constituted authority to promote the traditional institution through upgrade of chiefs’ law to kings law.

Oluwo noted monarchs are not more than ward councilors as empowered by
the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

He said the legal provision (chiefs’ law) is a form of modern slavery and has continuously subjected Nigeria monarchs to be subject of Queen of England.

Oluwo had earlier apologized last week on behalf of ancient monarchs for their roles in slavery. He stated Chiefs law has to be amended and we are sorry for the past ills, mistakes and atrocities that led to revoking the powers of we the ancient monarchs, we will serve our people with utmost love as a father and servant to all.

As contained in a statement made available to journalists by
Oluwo`s press secretary, Mr. Alli Ibraheem said monarchs are constitutional denied some advantages mostly in contributing to vital decision making and promulgation.

He says the stipulated role for kings is constitutional limited and has adversely restrained our contribution to some exclusive vital discourse of national interest.

The Monarch revealed that there is no any other authority closer to the grassroots than the monarchs, saying their status is a certificate for inclusion into the discussion of exclusive issues of national interest.

Oluwo described traditional institution as the first patriot in the development of the nation, noting the stools as permanent seats.

Oba Akanbi called on the three organs and tiers of governments to facilitate the enactment of kings’ law for the interest of the nation and promotion of our diverse rich culture and tradition.

He said the constitution has technically make kings immobile, advised the government to test run the inclusion with resourceful monarchs across Nigeria.

Oluwo lamented the purportedly advisory role of the monarchs only exist on theory, agitating for the passage of kings law to incorporate the mental resources of traditional institution to the fruitful governance of the country.

In his words “Kings are perennial assets of resourceful mental capability to propel a meaningful governance model for the country. Kings are spiritually endowed to lead and project a working option to the advantage of the nation. But disappointingly, our contribution and recognition are constitutionally limited such that, some kings are not more than ward councilors”

“He stated advisory role is even a theory. The opinion of most kings is not respected. Even, when a king makes an attempt to advice, they may say traditional affairs are not synonymous with democratic governance. For a purposeful general interest and better welfare, kings law must be enacted and promulgated”

“I appealed to the constituted authority at all levels, organs and tiers to liberate the traditional institution from constitutional prison that has subjected them to the authority of Queen of England”

Oluwo implored monarchs to cooperate in canvassing for the enactment of kings law as one of the vital tools for national development.

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