Gadaff’s consistency and good heart is second to none

By Mikail Adebayo Folohunso


Sulaimon Lekan Gadaff is a business man cum politician, progressive and dedicated young man. he has been there for his people and still there without loosing out one single supporter since he kick starts his career.

The Gadaff I know !

The only people who could probably have problems with Gadaff are contemporaries which he cannot control such situation. Women and youths do not take Gadaff issue with lite hand and they are committed to his struggle. Kids in Afon constituency sees Gadaff as a strong role model.

I remember about 2 years ago , Gadaff said “The day I stop thinking about my self and I start thinking how can I be useful to my society then I realize there’s bigger task for me in the nearest future”

For this reason- Give Gadaff ticket and see other political parties work with APC in ASA.

Anything less than a total commitment to excellence is an acceptance of mediocrity! And mediocre performance takes place automatically in the absence of a 100 per cent do-or-die commitment to excellent performance of your work. There is no alternative to a life of excellence. Anywhere mediocrity reigns, you can never see success, greatness, significance, progress… there. About 5 years ago since I graduated, I purposed in my mind to keep pursuing excellence till I breathe my last. In my short journey on earth, I have come to see the vast difference between mediocrity and excellence. I do know that mediocrity cannot pull off anything tangible and I do know that excellence can achieve several laudable feats. This is why you cannot afford live below the bar of excellence in all you do.

One of the greatest motivators in the world of work is the commitment to excellence by the top people in any organization. Hence, Gadaff continue to recognize Mallam Abdulrahman AbdulRazak as quality leaders in field of politics and Good governance as he attract and keep the best people. “H.E is known for excellent products and excellent services. This is not debatable” like Hon. Gadaff would always states to all of us very close to him.

The admission of weakness in a key result area is actually a sign of strength. It is only when you can admit that you are not sufficiently good in a particular skill area that you can begin to improve in that area. It is only then that you can learn how to make the most valuable contribution possible to your business. It is only when you admit that you could be better that you can learn and grow toward the fulfillment of your true potential.

Peter Drucker wrote, “The only skill that will be important in the twenty-first century will be the skill of learning new skills.”

Gadaff has unlearn to relearn and still learning as a good student of life.

We can trust him on the mandate of Afon constituency as the 10th house of assembly member in kwara state.

Mikail Adebayo Folohunso (kowope)


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