Modibbo Kawu Woos Wife With Sweet Birthday Message

One time Director General of National Broadcasting Commission, Is’haq Modibbo Kawu has penned lovely birthday message for his wife, Sa’adatu to celebrate her new age.

Sa’adatu Modibbo Kawu is the Commissioner of Tertiary Education, Science and Technology in Kwara State.


Our Hearts Beat For All
Just before 4pm yesterday (July 25, 2020), my wife surprised me with a call; she was taking one of the last turns, before reaching our residence, in Abuja. Well, I was somewhere on Waff Road in Kaduna, at that moment! I only just returned to Abuja, this afternoon; and seeing her for the first time, in a few months. Surprises like that, have underscored the relationship that we have, as a couple. And I’ve known her for more than twenty-five years now, to say that the most definitive aspects of her persona, are the incredibly independent mind and tremendous organisational ability; built upon a deep intellect and emotional maturity.

And as she grew into becoming a mother and professional, her sense of community flowered. I always reminded her, that her grandparents were successful public servants, and I’ve admired the way she has endeavoured to make a sense of the responsibility she has been given, by our state. I have read the various tributes that came from our compatriots today.

They reflect an endorsement of her modest efforts in the public space. What I know, is that she would continue to give her all, to bebbo Kawu  worthy of the public trust she carries. We’ve been home today, with our kids, as a family, to celebrate her birthday. Thanks a lot, dear compatriots and friends, for always looking out for us. We appreciate your kindness and won’t ever take your trust for granted!

*SUNDAY, JULY 26TH, 2020.*

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