Oworosoki Kingship Tussle: Residents Reject Prince Nurudeen’s Nomination


Some concerned residents who claimed anonymous at oworosoki kingdom has cried out over the choice of who becomes the next Oloworo of Oworosoki, this medium gathered that Prince Nurudeen Saliu who has been parading himself as the king immediately after his father demise is not good for the kingdom, because of his many alleged atrocities in the past.

Another source alleged Prince Nurudeen Saliu defrauding his father’s wives after the demise of the late king.

“If we can recall, the late king died in united kingdom some months back and Prince Nurudeen allegedly collected money from the lagos state government to bring the corpse back to nigeria and he spend the money for his personal use, he also instructed all his father’s wife to pay another money which they all contributed and pay to him as well”.

“To shock this news medium, Nurudeen is the third son of the late king and her mother was the third wife, even if his elder brothers are not interested to become the king, they should look for younger ones among the children who is very educated and has so much experience.Someone that will help transform the kingdom from its local state to a world class kingdom.

“Our source also revealed that Nurudeen is too desperate to become the king, he Allegedly took millions of naira to osolo of Isolo just to announce him and support him to become the king while his father is yet to be buried, and Osolo of Isolo allegedly collected the money from prince nurudeen saliu. He allegedly bribed about 12 chiefs with gift.

“While the late king was in the hospital before he died, nurudeen allegedly kept his fathers phone and he didn’t allow anyone to have access to his father including wives and children who are in abroad before he later gave up to the ghost”.


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