The Dangerous Wolf And The Gentle Flock: The Danger of Dynasty

By Tiamiyu Olorunisola
I must open this epistle by unleashing our minds to the reality that I hold no hatred against anyone. My mission is to open up lines of intellectual discourse for the advancement of humanity, development of capacities and improvement in the way of life in our community.
I have said it times without number that the concept of political dynasty is abnormal and foreign to the doctrines of democracy. Democracy entails freedom to freely choose by the people and the freedom to provide leadership according to the laws of the land. Democracy is hereby defined as government of the people by the people and for the people. The most interesting tenet of democracy that I so much love is the power to actually hire and fire. Democracy doesn’t recognize any power within the context of democratic doctrine than the people. The  people as described by democracy doesn’t recognize the rich, poor, powerful or weak. Infact, the vote of the weak and strong are the same provided it’s cast properly.
How come we have an established political dynasty in Kwara? The basis of political dynasty as observed in Kwara is to control the economic destiny of the region and also regulate the political career of the citizens. Political dynasty system is a surplus of feudal rule where few elites will ration the state resources and apparatus to the disadvantage of the masses. In as much as the political destiny and economic template of a region is in the hand of a single man or a microscopic and very tiny elitist part of the community, there’s already an establishment of dynasty structure which is termed as bondage or slavery.
In dynasty rule, nobody can aspire to be wealthier than the head of the dynasty. Bringing this to Kwara, you will understand why nobody in Kwara Central hasn’t been given freedom to excel politically. Those who have the opportunity to go to the National Assembly have always been returned after one term and fixed into lesser engagement or permanently demobilised. This is to prevent them the opportunity of national exposure that could provide them with a platform to excel more than the leader. Ali Ahmad, Mashood Mustapha, Abubakar Kannike and others are victims already but the leader has an automatic return ticket to return to the National Assembly, leaving him as the only ranking National Assembly officer from the state and the compass for others in term of appointments and opportunities.
Kwara South and Kwara North are no different; Kwara North has a fairly stable National Assembly members but who are they? Those whose entire political navigation depend on the dynasty and products of unpopular electoral decision that can never have the minds of their own. Have never heard any Kwaran raising any ground breaking motion on the floor of the house? Not recently, except if that person is Saraki. One of the rules of the dynasty is never outshine your master!
In Kwara South the game is always through divide and rule. The National Assembly members from Kwara South are not better than their colleagues from the North, mostly unpopular politicians from an unpopular section of the region. The same also played out in governorship issue in 2011. If Kwara South deserves to produce the Governor why not allow the system of internal democracy to throw up a fair candidate from the popular side? The argument is simple; the leader is only interested in  getting  stooge and not a governor. The essence of this to keep the people below him.
Political dynasty system will never support brilliance and intelligence those with understanding of the art and science of governance will be put under check. Some through deception, especially, under use and dump syndrome. Bolaji Abdullahi, Ladi Hassan, Prof. Abdulraheem Oba, Mashood Mustapha, Alh. Kawu Baraje and others will perfectly fit this slots. He will provide them with platform to excel and show brilliance and then bring them down by promising them a better opportunity and making them to be redundant. The dynasty system doesn’t permit anyone to show prowess than the leader.
The big question to an average person in Kwara is that why should we allow our politics and economy to be regulated by just a man? Why do you allow a single man to be the decider of our fate in political decision? Why do we allow just a single man to continue to terminate the political career of an average Kwaran?
The picture we have outside the state is that we are a group of lazy people who will rather beg to live than to work hard and earn a living. This may not be further from the truth because those who are left in the camp of Saraki will keep on referring to how Saraki has been good to us. They will refer to how he’s been giving us money and sending us to Hajj. They will go further that when there’s nobody, it has been Saraki alone and so on. The reality is that Saraki is a political businessman who has made money nowhere in history except through politics. The little he is spending on you is a fraction of what he has taken from you. He doesn’t love, he only loves his job. He makes more money by enslaving and preventing you from having a fulfilled political career and that’s the essence of all the spending.
I have always said that there’s no vote buying but future selling. I don’t believe in having a dynasty in Kwara because of its terrible bearings on the socio-economic development of the state and I will rather canvass to have more political gladiators in the state rather than one Saraki.
My resolution is to physically support the candidate of revolution in APC, AbdulRasaq AbdulRahman. That’s my choice and final decision, no fifty-fifty or phone a friend. That’s my resolve!
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