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Ucheanya Florence:

Discovering a lump in your breast can be frightening, but mind you, not all lump are mastitis (cancerous). Lumps, which is known to be circular in shape, harder and different from other parts of the breast, but if the tissue can be felt throughout the breast, and then it is indeed the normal breast tissue not the lump breast tissue not the lump. Some lumps might be Mastitis (cancerous) and some can be Benign (non cancerous) which will eventually go away with time. Some lumps are also related to menstrual periods and will go away by the end of the cycle.

Women’s breast feel lumpy, and also the breast tissue naturally has a bumpy texture, but for some ladies, the lumpiness is more noticeable, that is why ladies are advised to always check and message their breast every time, and most especially during their menstrual period.

The symptoms for breast lump are majorly swelling and pain. Swelling is known to be a symptom when the lump is Benign (non cancerous), in which there is no cause for alarm in such cases but when the lumps breasts for Mastitis (cancerous) diagnosis. The pain surely occur when it is already in a cancerous stage in which lumpectomy will be done (removal of the lump).

According to Wikipedia, there are various causes of breast lump, which are: Breast cysts, milk cysts (it occurs during breast feeding), Mastitis (infection of the breast), Lipoma, Haematoma (breast tissue that feels lumpy in texture and is sometimes accompanied by pain). Some other causes of breast lumps can also be hereditary lumps can also be hereditary and genetics. Hereditary in the sense that someone in the family might already have it before and so it can re-occur in someone else.

Many ladies are not properly informed on some health issues such as Breast lump in which of utmost importance to them. Young and adult ladies lose their lives as a result of cancer because they fail to notice the lumps at the first stage while some do not speak up on time.

Basically, doctors advise that women should ensure they made quick complaint of any noticed lump in their breast to ensure an early treatment or removal of such thereby saving the lives of such women would forestall any form of breast complications that could result in death or removal of the affected breast.

Doctors in the long run also counsel women on routine checks, massage of breasts regular checkups and visit to the doctor for proper health care. Remember that “Health is WEALTH and “PREVENTION is a preferable option to CURE”.

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